ECU Tuning, HondaHonda CBR1000RR 2008-2016 ECU Flash

Honda CBR1000RR 2008-2016 ECU Flash


Our “Stage 1” tuning package can include, but is not limited to the following options:

-> Adjustment of the injection quantity for the respective exhaust/air filter combination (OEM, Catless, Full Exhaust)
-> Adjustment of the ignition timing tables to remove any restrictive programming and enable a smoother ride
-> Disabling of any and all limitations related to vehicle speed, throttle and so on
-> Disabling of any emissions-related subsystems, like the lambda sensor, exhaust valve, AIS/SAS valve (optional)
-> Adjustment of the activation temperature for the radiator cooling fan for improved cooling (optional)
With the Stage 1 flash, we require you to mail the ECU to us, and we will return it within 72 hours of receiving time.
Please fill out this formular and send it along with the ECU or to our e-mail (you will be sent a copy upon ordering) : DOWNLOAD
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