ECU Tuning, KTM / Husqvarna / Gas GasKTM TPI 125/250/300 2018-2023 ECU Flash

KTM TPI 125/250/300 2018-2023 ECU Flash


Our “Stage 1” tuning package can include, but is not limited to the following options:

-> Adjustment of the injection quantity for the respective expansion chamber, silencer and other engine modifications
-> Adjustment of the ignition timing tables to remove any restrictive programming and enable a smoother ride
-> Huge improvement to throttle response and low-end torque
-> Increased oiling injection quantity for greatly improved top-end life
-> Adjustment of the activation temperature for the radiator cooling fan for improved cooling (optional, recommended for hard enduro)
With the Stage 1 flash, we require you to mail the ECU to us, and we will return it within 72 hours of receiving time.
A remote flashing solution will be coming soon, where you will be able to purchase the device from us and program your bike at home with our help remotely.
KTM/Husqvarna 150/250 2018-2019
KTM/ Husqvarna 300 2018-2019
KTM/ Husqvarna 150/250 2020-2023
KTM/ Husqvarna 300 2020-2023
GasGas EX/EC 300 2021-2023
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