ECU Flash
  • STAGE 1 from
  • €150
  •  Improved engine performance
      Removal of any gear-based and general limitations (top speed, throttle limits)

    →  Reduced fuel consumption (depending on application)

    →  Improved throttle response and engine braking characteristic

    and more…


    Note: Applicable to supported models, for any special request like quickshifter, auto-blipper, launch control etc, contact us!

  • E85 TUNING from
  • €300
  • Release up to 10% more power and torque, and greatly reduced intake air temperature using a blend with higher concentration of ethanol

    Strictly individual mapping to suit your exact configuration

    Includes all options provided by the “stage 1” tune
    Support for various other fuels (e.g MR12, C16)

    Note: Applicable to selected models, please contact us   to discuss the availability for your motorcycle.



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